Which Colleges Are Open For Applications In South Africa 2024


For every students who wants to study next year ,he/she needs to submit application . The important thing to do is to find   out the 2024 institution application dates. Applying for tertiary studies can be challenging to find out the details you need. From finding out the application dates so that you can start collecting all of the documents required. Application dates may vary and/or change due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Most colleges are opening up for 2024 applications during the month of May


Most colleges previously required you to apply in person but currently you have the option of applying  online, and you will have to provide a completed application form and a copy of your ID. Most of these institutions require you to apply in English, as English is the language of instruction.

Are there academic points for applying in-person? Probably not! It’s probably easier to apply online for most college applications.

But what about campuses? Most higher education institutions require you to attend one in-person interview. Of course, you will be able to apply online for these interviews, but most schools are open for applicants to apply in person as well.


Depending on the course of study  you are interested in, the application dates might differ, so you need to compare with each institution to know the application dates for the specific course you want to do.

When does the application process start? Once you apply, you have to start gathering all the required documents to apply for your study. Most institutions request a year’s worth of information for your submission.

If you have not received a response by the deadline of the institution, don’t be disheartened.


If anyone is wondering of which documents they need for application , you must send a list of documents to each of the tertiary institutions. This list of documents can be found on the institutions website. In most cases, these documents are documents that have to be submitted with the application.

It is better to start collecting the required documents before your application deadline ,so as  to avoid delays and unnecessary scrambling later on. The earlier the process starts, the more time you have to prepare.

NOTE: The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) is not accepting any new applications at this stage.

As the above information shows, you should be more than ready to start your tertiary studies next year. A lot of the information and tips here will help you to ensure that your application goes through smoothly . You   need to apply early if you want to get in at these colleges, the  earlier the better.

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