Where to study IT and computer science programs in South Africa


Where to study IT and compouter in  South Africa, there are several IT and  computer  institutes that offer specialized training in computer science, software development, and other related fields.Check where you can study  IT and Computer institutes below


IT and Computer institutes in South Africa

  1. CTU Training Solutions : https://ctutraining.ac.za/
  2. College of Cape Town : https://www.cct.edu.za/
  3. Rosebank College : https://www.rosebankcollege.co.za/
  4. IT Academy Website: https://www.it-academy.co.za/
  5. Boston City Campus and Business College: https://www.boston.co.za/
  6. Damelin : https://www.damelin.co.za/
  7. College SA : https://www.collegesa.co.za/
  8. The Animation School: https://www.theanimationschool.co.za/
  9. Hyperion Development : https://www.hyperiondev.com/
  10. School of IT: https://www.schoolofit.co.za/

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Please note that the programs and courses offered by these computer schools may vary. It’s advisable to visit their websites for detailed information about the courses, admission requirements, and any other specific details you may need. Additionally, contacting the schools directly can provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the computer programs they offer.

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