UNISA Examination dates and timetables

Unisa students will soon be writing their exams, and their examination period will start on 13 May 2022. The university has strongly advised the students to go through the May/June 2022 online examination rules before sitting for their examination.



Students are urged to use their mobile browsers and not the Unisa my Modules app. It is also essential that students have access to a reliable desktop/laptop/mobile with a stable internet connection and camera during this exam period.

Unisa has emphasised the importance of students accessing their advised students examination timetable beforehand so that they know a particular module will be written.

To access examination question papers, students can find them on the university’s myExams platform. To test whether you have access before sitting for the exam, it’s best that you click on your module code on the day of your examination.

It is important that students determine the proctoring tool that will be used for their exam by following the proctoring tool link and inserting their module code.

Students may adequately prepare themselves by watching training videos and reading through navigation guidelines on Unisa’s invigilation section.

The university has provided the following resources for students:

  • Student guidelines on online assessment on myExams
  • Training videos and student guidelines for navigating on Invigilation tools
  • Training videos for online examinations navigation
  • Other technical resources

The university has also reminded students that it has zero tolerance for plagiarism and cheating during its online examinations.

With the continued threat of loadshedding, students are advised to make preparations by keeping up to date with loadshedding schedules.

For any technical challenges experienced by students, they ought to either dial 080 000 1870, send an e-mail to Examenquiries@unisa.ac.za, refer to the Get-Help resource for the list of additional contact numbers or send communication via the myLife account.

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