UCT Centre for Theatre, Dance & Performance Studies Undergraduate admission requirements

UCT Centre for Theatre, Dance & Performance Studies Undergraduate admission requirements.


ALL applicants for the Theatre and Performance programme are required to submit an online audition.

Auditions for 2023 class: 

Video auditions must be submitted by FRIDAY 30 SEPTEMBER 2022.

Calculating Admissions Points Score (APS)

The percentages achieved in National Senior Certificate examinations (preliminary and final examinations) will be allocated an admission score equal to that percentage. The sum of six subjects, excluding Life Orientation, but including English. Results below 40% for any subject do not attract a score. For more information on the APS or your own eligibility, please go to the UCT Admission requirements page.

ALL applicants must submit 3 items using our upload form.

The earlier your video audition is submitted, the sooner we are able to consider your application.

  1. ESSAY Instructions.
  2. REFERENCE LETTER Instructions
  3. THEATRE VIDEO Instructions
  4. DANCE VIDEO Instructions

To submit your video audition, click here.

All students will study together for the first part of their course, during which time they will be exposed to the various study streams on offer in the Centre. At the same time staff will have an extended opportunity to gauge the capabilities of each student and to be able to advise more accurately the direction each individual student should follow. After this period, students will be streamed into six possible study streams; Acting, Dance Performance, Performance Making (Theatre Making / Choreography), Applied Performance & Education, Scenography (Design), and Academic Study (Theatre & Dance Studies and another major in the Faculty of Humanities). While no student can be guaranteed entry into any stream, every attempt will be made to match students with the stream that is most appropriate to their skill set.

All students will be accommodated in one of the streams, however if a student wishes to change their registration to another programme in the faculty in the end of the first semester, they will have enough credits from the first semester to transfer without a loss of time.

Regrettably, no late auditions will be considered.


Should you have any further questions, please contact Shabnam Pansari

Note that for all Professional Practice Programmes, an audition is necessary to be considered for admission.


For more information visit the official website http://www.ctdps.uct.ac.za/

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