10 highest paid jobs in South Africa 2023

The   10 highest paid  jobs in South Africa .In this article you will find the list of top 10 highes paid jobs in South Africa.The major factor to consider when choosing a carrier is that   whether it will fetch you a high-paid  job. Here are the     10 highest paid  jobs in South Africa ,


The  10  Highest paid JOBS IN SOUTH AFRICA

1. Software Engineers – 1.2 Million Rands Annually

At the top are software engineers who are responsible for the design, development, and maintenance of software programs. They usually have a degree in computer science and programming. A software engineer can earn about 1.2 million Rands annually.

2. Pilot – 695,800 Rands per Annum

Secondly  high paying job in South Africa is that of a pilot.   Pilot job is highly technical and requires specialized training. The training takes time and is expensive. The pay for qualified pilots in South Africa comes to 695,800 Rands per annum.

3. Lawyers – 643,440 to 655,000 Rands per Annum

Thirdly, on the list of highest-paying jobs are law professionals. Starting salaries for lawyers range from 643,440 to 655,000 Rands per annum. A lawyer with more years of practice has the potential of earning more.

4. IT Managers – 20,230 Rands per Year

Furthermore next is that of IT Managers.  An IT Manager a can earn about 20,230 Rands per year which will increase with experience.

5. Specialist Medical Doctors – 476,000 to 616,000 Rands in a Year

Specialist medical doctors are in high demand in South Africa, However  salary range for this profession is based on the area of specialty, for instance, neurosurgeons get a higher amount of salary while general practitioners are paid lesser. Medical doctors can earn between 476,000 to 616,000 Rands in a year.

6. Petroleum Engineers – 72,600 Rands in a year 

In addition a petroleum engineer is responsible for locating natural gas and oil reserves under the earth’s surface. The annual salary for this profession is about 72,600 Rands.

7. Management Consultants – 392,000 and 672,000 Rands per Annum.

They help companies grow and develop by problem-solving and discovering new and innovative ways to tackle problems that could support the company. A  management consultant can earn between 392,000 and 672,000 Rands per annum.

8. Actuary – 598,055 Rands per Annum.

An actuary is concerned with risk and uncertainty assessment and management, liability management, business, and analytical skills. Actuaries can earn about 598,055 Rands per annum.

9. Air Traffic Controller – 583,450 Rands per Year.

Air traffic controllers on the other hand monitor the air traffic movement to ensure aircraft stay within safe distances from each other,  salary for this job is about 583,450 Rands per year.

10. Chartered Accountant – 434,191 Rands per Year

A chartered accountant records business transactions on behalf of an entity, reports to management and issues financial statements, Therefore the  average salary of a chartered accountant is 434,191 Rands per year.

These are the top ten highest paying professions in South Africa in 2021.

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