South African Teachers average salary


The South African Teachers  average salary  is R258,060 gross per year (R21,510 gross per month), which is 9% lower than South Africa’s national average salary. Check below for more information.

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These are scale-up of the teacher’s salaries in South Africa according to our researchers;

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 Salary Range for Teachers  in South Africa

A Teacher can expect an average starting salary of R 182,500. The highest salaries can exceed R 618,000.

  • Low: R182 500
  • Average Salary: R258,060
  • Experienced: R367,515
  • High: R618,000

Teacher Salary Differences in South Africa

Among Teachers in South Africa; underqualified Teachers, Teachers in private schools or Special Needs Teachers tend to have the lowest salaries, while experienced and qualified Senior Teachers and Master Teachers in public schools or Teachers who are part of the school management like Heads of Departments (HODs) enjoy the highest salaries.

Heads of Department

  • Salary: R 408K/year
  • Difference: +58%

Master Teacher

  • Salary: R 385K/year
  • Difference: +49%

Senior Teacher

  • Salary: R 343K/year
  • Difference: +33%

Post Level 1 Teacher: Government School

  • Salary: R 258K/year
  • Difference: ±0%

Special Needs Teacher

  • Salary: R 165K/year
  • Difference: R36%

Private School Teacher

  • Salary: R 152K/year
    Difference: -41%

Teacher Assistant

  • Salary: R 41K/year
  • Difference: -84%

Teacher Payment by  Experience Level in South Africa

In South Africa, an Entry Level Teacher with less than three years of experience can expect to earn an average compensation of R16,000 gross per month.

A mid-career Teacher with 4-9 years of experience earns an average salary of R20,000, while an experienced Teacher with 10-20 years of experience makes on average R30,000.

Teachers with more than 20 years of experience may earn more than R40,000 per month.

South African Teacher Related Salaries Per Month


  • Entry Level: 15K – 31K
  • Experienced: 32K

High School Teacher

  • Entry Level: R19K – R31K
  • Experienced: R25K

Foundation Phase Teacher

  • Entry Level: R12K – R24K
  • Experienced: R19K

Grade R Teacher

  • Entry Level: R5,960 – R7,820
  • Experienced: R7,190

Preschool Teacher

  • Entry Level: R5,719 – 9,517
  • Experienced: R6,803

School Principal
Entry Level: R29K – R65K
Experienced: R40K

English Teacher

  • Entry Level: R14K – R31K
  • Experienced: R22K


  • Entry Level: R12K – R37K
  • Experienced: R28K

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