Master Maths Matric Revision Programme

Master Maths is loooking to  are offer  a matric revision programme for learners who wish to improve in their maths .Check below for more information…


The Grade 12 exams are the most important academic year in a student’s life. It is essential that students prepare adequately for this significant final examination, and enrol in a Master Maths class as early as possible to get ahead.

When it comes to the Exam Revision Programme, our centres give preference to learners who are already enrolled for tuition. The demand for these workshops, usually held during the holidays, is high and new clients can only be accommodated if there is space available in the centre.

Please contact the centres directly for more information and to book your place.

Please note that not all of Master Maths centres offer these Exam Revision Programme holiday workshops.


Maths Revision Sessions

Matrics can prepare for maths by attending Master Maths revision sessions. Master Maths has offered final exam courses for the past 38 years.  These sessions involve working through Revision Consolidation modules which summarise the Grade 12 and 11 curriculums. 

Matric Module and Worksheet sessions

Master Maths offers a matric revision programme to help prepare learners for their exams.
These sessions provide learners with the opportunity to work through modules and worksheets which assess their knowledge and skills in answering exam type questions. The skills and knowledge of the learner is evaluated and feedback on proficiency in each area is provided. Exam papers are written under exam conditions.


Click here to enrol or to find out more.

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