Jeppe College College of Commerce and Computer Studies courses offered

Jeppe College College of Commerce and Computer Studies offers a wide variety of courses that is full time courses, short courses, vocational courses. Check the list of courses below



Jeppe College College of Commerce and Computer Studies courses offered

Full time courses

Faculty of Information Technology    
IT: Technical Support  L4FET Certificate78964MICT SETA12 Months
IT: Systems Support L5National Certificate48573MICT SETA12 Months
IT: Systems Development L4FET Certificate78965MICT SETA12 Months
IT: Systems Development L5National Certificate48872MICT SETA12 Months
IT: End-User ComputingNational Certificate49077MICT SETA12 Months
Network EngineeringInternational Certificate CompTIA6 – 12 Months
ICT – Systems DevelopmentDiploma721ICITP36 Months
ICT – Systems SupportDiploma721ICITP36 Months
Faculty of Media Studies    
Journalism L5National Certificate58978MICT SETA12 Months
Photography L4FET Certificate73298MICT SETA12 Months
Advertising L4FET Certificate50479MICT SETA12 Months
Music Industry: Sound Technology L5National Certificate48671MICT SETA12 Months
Radio Production L5National Certificate62069MICT SETA12 Months
Radio Station Management L5National Certificate49122MICT SETA12 Months
Business Analysis: Support Practice L5National Certificate63769MICT SETA12 Months
Graphics: Design Foundation L4FET Certificate49127MICT SETA12 Months
Faculty of Tourism & Hospitality    
Retail Travel L5National Diploma14122CATHS SETA24 Months
Accommodation Services L2National Certificate14110CATHS SETA12 Months
Professional Cookery L4FET Certificate1411CATHS SETA12 Months
Hospitality Reception L4National Certificate14116CATHS SETA12 Months
Faculty of Business Studies    
Human Resource & Practices Support L4FET Certificate20893SABPP12 Months
Human Resource & Practices Support L5National Diploma61592SABPP12 Months
Business Management (N4 – N6)National Certificate DHET (QCTO)18 Months
Financial Management (N4 – N6)National Certificate DHET (QCTO)18 Months
Management Assistant (N4 – N6)National Certificate DHET (QCTO)18 Months
Public Management (N4 – N6)National Certificate DHET (QCTO)18 Months
Legal Secretary (N4 – N6)National Certificate DHET (QCTO)18 Months
Medical Secretary (N4 – N6)National Certificate DHET (QCTO)18 Months
Public Relations (N4 – N6)National Certificate DHET (QCTO)18 Months
Educare (N4 – N6)National Certificate DHET (QCTO)18 Months
Marketing Management (N4 – N6)National Certificate DHET (QCTO)18 Months
Human Resource Management (N4 – N6)National Certificate DHET (QCTO)18 Months
Popular Music: Studio Work (N4 – N6)National Certificate DHET (QCTO)18 Months
Tourism (N4 – N6)National Certificate DHET (QCTO)18 Months
Hospitality and Catering Services (N4 – N6)National Certificate DHET (QCTO)18 Months
Bookkeeping L3National Certificate58375ICB6 Months
Bookkeeping L4FET Certificate58376ICB6 Months
Technical Financial Accounting L5National Diploma36213ICB6 Months
Financial Accounting L6National Diploma20366ICB6 Months
Public Sector Accounting L4National Certificate20352ICB6 Months
Public Sector Accounting L5Diploma20353ICB6 Months
Office Administration L5Certificate23618ICB6 Months
Office Administration L5Higher Certificate23619ICB6 Months
Office Administration L6Diploma35958ICB6 Months
Small Business Financial Management L4National Certificate48736ICB12 Months
Faculty of Engineering    
Civil Engineering & Building (N1 – N6)National Certificate DHET36 Months
Electrical Engineering (N1 – N6)National Certificate DHET36 Months
Electrical Engineering Level 2National Certificate63789EW SETA12 Months
Electrical Engineering Level 3National Certificate63790EW SETA12 Months
Electrical Engineering Level 4FET Certificate63889EW SETA12 Months
Mechanical Engineering (N1 – N6)National Diploma DHET36 Months
Mechanical Engineering: Boiler Making (N1 – N3)National Certificate DHET18 Months
Mechanical Engineering: Fitting & Training (N1 – N3)National Certificate DHET18 Months
Mechanical Engineering: Motor Trade (N1 – N3)National Certificate DHET18 Months
Water Treatment (N1- N3)National Certificate DHET18 Months
Carpentry (N1 – N3)National Certificate  18 Months
Plumbing (N1 – N3)National Certificate  18 Months
Welding (N1 – N3)National Certificate  18 Months
Policing Academy    
PolicingNational Diploma61729SASSETA24 Months
Tactical Road Traffic OperationsNational Certificate80046SASSETA12 Months
Municipal Finance and Administration L4FETC50372LG SETA12 Months
Municipal Integrated Development Planning L5National Certificate50205LG SETA12 Months
Ward Committee Governance L2National Certificate57823LG SETA12 Months
Public Finance Management & Administration L5National Diploma49554LG SETA12 Months
Local Economic Development Level 4National Certificate36437LG SETA12 Months
Emergency Services Supervision: Fire Level 5National Certificate64390LG SETA12 Months
P SETA    
Public Administration L3National Certificate57804P SETA12 Months
Public Administration L4FET Certificate57824P SETA12 Months
Public Administration L5National Certificate50060P SETA 
Public Administration L6National Diploma57897P SETA24 Months
Public Administration L7National Diploma57827P SETA12 Months


Technical Matric N3National Certificate   
Business EnglishCompulsory DHET12 Months
Sake AfrikaansCompulsory DHET12 Months
MathematicsElective DHET6 Months
Engineering ScienceElective DHET6 Months
Supervision in IndustryElective DHET6 Months
Industrial OrientationElective DHET6 Months
Industrial Organization and PlanningElective DHET6 Months


Certified Computer End-User (CCEU)International Certificate ICITP3 – 6 Months
MS Systems Admin (MCSA Server 2012R2)International Certificate Microsoft9 Months
A+ TechnicianInternational Certificate CompTIA6 Months
N+ TechnicianInternational Certificate CompTIA6 Months
S+ SecurityInternational Certificate CompTIA6 Months
HTML 5International Certificate Microsoft3 – 5 Months
Photoshop CS 6International Certificate Adobe3 – 5 Months
C# ProgrammingInternational Certificate Microsoft3 – 5 Months
CCNAInternational Certificate Cisco6 – 12 Months
CCNAOInternational Certificate CiscoSelf-paced
CCNP SwitchInternational Certificate Cisco6 – 12 Months
CCNP TroubleshootInternational Certificate Cisco6 – 12 Months
CCNPOInternational Certificate CiscoSelf-paced
ICND 1&2International Certificate Cisco Bootcamp10 Days
Specialization (Available upon request)International Certificate Cisco Bootcamp5 days
Lab RentalsInternational Certificate Cisco BootcampR660 per hour
Galileo: Ticketing & ReservationInternational Certificate Galileo2 Weeks
Pastel Accounting Version 11/partnern2009International Certificate Pastel4 Months
Pastel Payroll Basic – AdministratorInternational Certificate Pastel4 Months

Vocational Courses

Engineering Vocational Training (JVTC)    
BoilermakerSkills Program Mer SETA6 Weeks
Sheet Metal WorkSkills Program Mer SETA6 Weeks
PlumbingSkills Program Mer SETA5 Weeks
Pipe FittingSkills Program Mer SETA5 Weeks
Brick LayingSkills Program Mer SETA3 Months
CarpentrySkills Program Mer SETA9 Weeks
Automotive DieselSkills Program Mer SETA3 Months
Automotive PetrolSkills Program Mer SETA3 Months
Cutting TorchSkills Program Mer SETA2 Weeks
Engineering Fabrication ProcessesSkills Program Mer SETA8 Months
Fitting & TurningSkills Program Mer SETA3 Months
Mig & Tig WeldingSkills Program Mer SETA7 Weeks
Welding (Metal ARC)Skills Program Mer SETA5 Weeks
Plasma CuttingSkills Program Mer SETA2 Weeks

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