IQ Academy Courses offered 2023

IQ Academy offers a wide range courses. Check the list of courses offered at IQ Academy below.




Bookkeeping Short Course

Customer Relationship Management Short Course

Diploma in Business Management

E-Commerce: Managing an Online Business Short Course

Entrepreneurship: How to Start Your Own Business Short Course

Events Coordinator Short Course

Events Professional Short Course

Foundations of Financial Management Short Course

Fundamentals of Human Resource Management Short Course

Fundamentals of Marketing Management Short Course

Fundamentals of Project Management Short Course

Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management Short Course

Good Governance, Sustainability and Resilience in Africa Short Course

Higher Certificate in Business Management

Higher Certificate in Local Governance

Higher Certificate in Public Administration and Management


For more information  contact Us. If You have any problem with the  application form or anything else You can leave a comment below and We will respond.

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