How to use eHomeAffairs in South Africa

How to use eHomeAffairs in South Africa . The steps below will guide you on how to use eHomeAffairs



How to use eHomeAffairs 

Register a profile on eHomeAffairs
Registering on eHomeAffairs requires “creating a profile” with a secure password.
 “Complete” your personal details.
 “Create” a password.
 “Answer” the security questions.
2. Capture the verification OTP (OneTimePin) received via SMS to confirm your cellphone number

3. Log in to your profile

Capture the logon OTP (OneTimePin) received via SMS

Complete the application form
 The application form is for a Smart ID Card and/or Passport.
 You can “capture” and “submit an application form” for yourself or for a minor directly related to
you, typically for a minor requiring a passport for travelling purposes.
 All fields highlighted in red are mandatory and must be “completed”.

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