How to Register your eZaga with NSFAS

How to Register your eZaga – NSFAS Account and get Nsfas MasterCard .Check the steps below.




Steps To Get Your Nsfas MasterCard 

All NSFAS funded students will be provided with a MasterCard and a bank account where monthly allowances will be disbursed directly, on a monthly basis. We’re proud to present you with your own NSFAS MasterCard in partnership with eZaga.

Step One: Visit eZaga’s Website  Or Download the eZaga App

Step two: Enter your ID number and temporary password

Step three: Enter OTP (One Time Pin) received via your email address

Step four: Capture your Information.

Step five: Capture a clear image of yourself holding your ID and a clear image of your ID

Step six: Wait for an approval SMS

Step seven: Once your account is approved, a bank card will be distributed at your campus.

The Nsfas MasterCards will be deactivated if a student completes their studies or if Nsfas withdraws their funding.

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