How to calculate APS in South Africa

APS (Adjusted Percentage Score) is a calculation used by some South African universities to determine whether a student meets the minimum requirements for admission to a specific program of study. The calculation is based on a student’s academic results in six subjects, with each subject assigned a score out of 100.

Here’s how to calculate APS in South Africa:

  1. Determine which subjects are required for the program of study you are interested in. Typically, English and Mathematics are required, and the remaining subjects are chosen from a list of approved subjects.
  2. Convert your final percentage mark for each subject into a score out of 100, using the following conversion table:
Percentage APS score
90-100 8
80-89 7
70-79 6
60-69 5
50-59 4
40-49 3
30-39 2
0-29 1
  1. Add up the scores for your six subjects.
  2. Divide the total score by six to get your APS.

For example, let’s say you are interested in studying engineering and the required subjects are Mathematics, Physical Science, and English. If your final percentage marks for those subjects are:

Mathematics: 80% Physical Science: 70% English: 85%

Then your APS score would be:

Mathematics: 7 Physical Science: 6 English: 7

Total: 20

APS score: 20/3 = 6.67 (rounded to two decimal places)

In this case, your APS score is 6.67, which is a score that is eligible for admission to some South African universities, but may not meet the minimum requirements for admission to more competitive programs.

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