How do I add or change SARS banking details



How do I add or change banking details?


If you need to add or change banking details it can be done:



Please note: Customs and Excise clients should visit their nearest SARS Customs branch for the registering and update of banking detail changes as these changes cannot be performed on eFiling. A completed DA 185 – Application form – Registration and licensing of Customs and Excise Clients – External Form and applicable supporting documents must be submitted at a branch. When requesting banking detail changes via email or by making an appointment at a SARS branch, we will:


  • Confirm the person(s) requesting the changes is authorised to do so.
  • Authenticate the relevant supporting documents needed for adding or changing banking details in order to reduce fraud.


Please note: Banking details will not be updated on the SARS systems if requested by:


  • Fax
  • Post
  • Telephone.


Who can change banking details?


Only Taxpayers, Registered Representatives or Registered Tax Practitioners are allowed to change banking details.

The Registered Representative’s details must match those on the SARS system. For more information see ‘Single Registration’.

Tax Practitioners may request banking detail changes on behalf of Taxpayers in all instances, including exceptional circumstances. Please note, a Requestor with mandate is only allowed to do the changes in exceptional circumstances. For more details on the exceptional circumstances, you can refer to the Change of Banking Details – External Guide.


Top Tips:


  • The TPPOA form (Special Power of Attorney by Practitioners) hasn’t been updated yet to remove the exclusion of change of banking details. SARS will accept the form until this is updated.
  • The “Authority on Special Power of Attorney by Tax Practitioner” presented to the staff member is NOT acceptable for updating banking details.


SARS will allow a once-off instruction to add or change banking details for an Entity other than the above mentioned group under unique circumstances. See the list of exceptions and the supporting documents (relevant material) needed.


What are valid bank accounts?


A valid bank account is:


  • A cheque, savings or transmission account type
  • With a valid branch number
  • Held at a valid bank
  • In the name of the Taxpayer(s)
  • Not a credit card, bond or foreign bank account.


Joint Accounts (Shared Accounts)


Where a Taxpayer shares a bank account with his/her spouse, it is no longer necessary for both spouses to visit the SARS branch for verification purposes.  It is only necessary for the spouse requesting the banking detail change to visit the SARS branch.


All the supporting documents (relevant material) must be provided, including a certified copy of the marriage certificate or an affidavit for life partners, whichever one is applicable.


What is needed to add or change banking details?


For a detailed list of the supporting documents required under each unique circumstance

What additional documents will be needed?


The following additional documents may be needed for different scenarios:

(Top Tip: All letters must be in one of the official South African languages. If not, SARS will ask for a translation.)


  • Either a copy of:
    • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation in the case of a Company
    • A Partnership/Joint Venture agreement
    • A trust deed together with the minutes of a meeting specifying who is authorised to act on behalf of a trust
    • A Foreign donor agreement between the applicable country and South Africa in the case of a foreign donor funded project
    • The founding documents for Body Corporates.
  • Letter of appointment where the request is received from the Representative.
  • Resolution letter of appointment from the Company where the request is received from the Representative for the first time.

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