Health Science Academy Enrollment form 2023


Health Science Academy enrollment form .Enroll now to study for 2023 academic year.


• Go to our website
• Click on SPEL Programme
• Read the welcoming letter
• Complete the application form
o Fill in your personal details
o Fill in the name and address of your pharmacy
o Indicate the modules that you are interested in
o To start with, you can choose from the modules in the Knowledge Sector – Commercial at
the basic level

o There will be a discount to Link if you do all 6 modules in a Knowledge Sector, but you can
also choose just to do one at a time
o Ask your pharmacist to sign his or her approval and insert the relevant P number.
o Sign the form and insert the date.
• E-mail the form to or fax it to 081 680 0671.
• The co-ordinators for the course will then send you a link to a website and a voucher code.
• Once you have entered the website, insert the voucher code to get access to the course material.
• Choose the module/s that you have enrolled for and that your pharmacist has approved.
• Now you can study the material, download or print it.

• Study the manual and then complete the questionnaire on the website.
• The questions will be different for each learner.
• You have 6 weeks to complete each module.
• You can only proceed to a new module if the first one was successfully completed and you were
assessed as competent (C).
• Should you wish to do further modules, just send a new application form to or 081 680 0671 with your further choices.



• You have to complete the basic level of any Knowledge Sector first, before you can proceed to the
advanced level.
• You have 6 weeks to complete each module. If you have not completed the module, then a
reregistration fee is applicable to proceed.
• You will have two chances to complete the questionnaire for each module.
• If you still have not achieved the pass rate and was deemed Not Yet Competent (NYC), you will
have to pay a rewrite fee to proceed.
• No cheating will be allowed and guilty learners will be suspended from the programme.



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