Fulton School for the Deaf Admission form 2023

Fulton School for the Deaf admission form 2023.


Fulton School for the Deaf an establishment devoted to the education of profoundly deaf and hearing-impaired children and offers them quality  Pre-Primary, Primary and High School education

Subjects offered are:

FOUNDATION PHASE: Pre-School and Grade R – Grade 3



Bus Service

A daily bus service to Pinetown and surrounding areas is provided for day scholars.

School buses transport the boarders to Durban and Pietermaritzburg on a Friday and from Durban only on a Sunday.



Weekly boarding is available for scholars from the age of 3 years, where families live far afield and where daily transport to and from school is impractical.

Younger boarders are housed in separate freestanding dwellings taking into account their age and gender.

The school site is securely fenced and has manned and electronic security measures in place.

Dining facilities, serving nutritious and balanced meals, are provided for boarders and some of our day scholars.

Appropriate classrooms are equipped with the latest audio/visual aids. There are suitable recreational facilities and an extensive library.


Support Services

A full-time Audiologist attends to hearing aids and all audiological requirements.

A full-time Speech Therapist provides therapy to all Pre-Primary and Foundation phase scholars.

The medical well-being of each child is ensured by the daily full-time attendance of a qualified nursing sister and a contracted “on-call” doctor.

A General Practitioner and an Ear Nose and Throat Specialist visit the School every alternate week.



Please download and complete the admission form and submit with supporting documents to either our school at 8 Roosevelt Rd, Gillitts or email to admissions@fultonschool.co.za


For more information visit the school official website https://www.fulton.org.za/

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