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Esda Nursing Education Institution application form, application requirements| Apply to study at Esda Nursing Education Institution .




Admission Requirements:

In order to be admitted to ESDA NURSING EDUCATION INSTITUTION you must:

  • be committed to respect and abide by the rules and standards of the ESDA NURSING EDUCATION INSTITUTION
  • be proficient in English
  • physical and emotional healthy to meet the demands of the program.

The Esda Nursing Education Institution NPC is a Christian based nursing education institution situated in Springs on the East Rand.


It is governed by a board of directors. It aims to prepare caring students with love for God,
love for people and respect for the dignity of each person regardless of creed, colour and gender.

Academic Admission Requirements:

Minimum admission requirements for National Certificate in Auxiliary Nursing R169

National Senior Certificate endorsed for admission to higher education.

      • The following subjects will be an advantage:
        • Mathematic/Mathematical Literacy
        • Physical Sciences/science
        • Biology/Life Science
      • English (at least D symbol)


The selection process is aimed at selecting the best candidates for the National Certificate in Auxiliary Nursing R169

The candidates who are selected will:

1. Meets the minimum requirements of the qualification and the ESDA NURSING EDUCATION INSTITUTION internal admission criteria.
2. Achieved the highest APS score.
3. Performed the best in psychometric testing done by the Department of Labour at the school.
4. Be successfully interviewed and selected by the selection board.

Applicants having undergone previous training at ESDA NURSING EDUCATION INSTITUTION will be preferred

Application Procedure:

Please email the following documents for application:

  • Original ID
  • School Certificate
  • CV with correct contact details
  • Marriage certificate (If applicable)

Application forms can be obtained by the ESDA NURSING EDUCATION INSTITUTION Office and needs to be submitted with the relevant documentation. It can be delivered at ESDA NURSING EDUCATION INSTITUTION or send by fax or e-mail. When you apply to ESDA NURSING EDUCATION INSTITUTION, your application will be dealt with by the Admissions Office.
You can contact the Admissions Office at any time before or during the application process, and we will be happy to assist with relative advice or information.

Fax: +27 86 521 8182

When to apply:

Closing date for applications for the following year is 31 July every year.

We begin processing applications in August. Applicants meeting the criteria will be entered into the selection process.

♦ The ESDA NURSING EDUCATION INSTITUTION office will process the documents and contact you for an interview and for psychometric testing.

♦ All applicants who attend the selection must pay a non-refundable application fee of R800.00.

♦ Paying your application fee does not mean you will be offered a place to study at ESDA NURSING EDUCATION INSTITUTION.
You will be contacted and informed whether your application was successful or not.

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