Divine Favour Progressive College FET Application 2024

Divine Favour Progressive College FET Application is open for 2023 academic year .Apply now before the closing date.
  • (1) Copies of the Learner ID/Passport and who will be responsible for payments.
  • (2) Statement of previous result
  • (3) Proof of residence

NB: Upon verification and approval, learner will be required to make a payment of R600 (Non-Refundable Application and Registration fees) to reserve space with the Institution.



You can apply online here 


Apply Online

You can register using the Online Applications System without printing anything. Fill out the form and upload your supporting documents as well as a photo for a student ID.




Please download and complete the Application form and scan to the college email address with the required supporting documents.

Download the application form here    Application Form FET 2022

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