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The Presidential Youth Employment Intervention (PYEI)’s National Pathway Management Network (NPMN) Innovation Fund was implemented in response to President Cyril Ramaphosa’s call for solutions to the high unemployment rate in South Africa.

The National Pathway Management Network aims to help the youth successfully transition into and through the job market.

They aim to offer support in the entry and retention of youth into the job market while providing greater alignment between various networks and systems which exist to ensure access to a shared set of services and opportunities.

Within the next decade, the fund aims to create at least two million new jobs for the youth, which forms part of the comprehensive plan, coordinated and driven by the Presidency.

The Department of Employment and Labour announced, in a statement, that the Presidential Youth Employment Intervention identified a few priority interventions to accelerate youth into the economy within the next five years.

The department stated that the intervention “includes the establishment of a National Pathway Management Network (NPMN), delivery of agile workforce development (including skills development interventions and the strengthening of workplace experience), support for youth self-employment and enterprise in the township and rural economy and the Presidential Youth Service programme.”

The NPMN Innovation Fund aims to use the amount of R71 871 715 to support initiatives focused on resolving barriers related to the three key focus areas of the NPMN:

  1. Demand Activation: Identify appropriate opportunities for youth through establishing real market demand and developing enabling partnerships within the wider ecosystem.
  2. Demand & Supply Linkages: Link youth to appropriate opportunities with Opportunity Holders through a streamlined process that effectively matches a young person to an Opportunity Holder across the networks.
  3. Enabling Youth: Improve young people’s access to view and secure both learning and earning opportunities available in the market/ network.

According to the department, the Innovation Fund aims to assist in capacitating prospective candidates to pilot and/or operationalise and scale innovative models across the country in support of the NPMN.

The Jobs Fund invites proposals from public, private and non-profit organisations that could participate in the National Pathway Management Network through the Innovation Fund.

Applications should describe how the proposed project will contribute to achieving scale in terms of expanding geographical footprint, partnering with more organisations and working with youth people.

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Application Requirements

  • In the case of an NPO (NGO, CBO or FBO), such organisation must have been registered with the Department of Social Development on or before 1 January 2018 (all requisite certificates and proof of registration will be required).
  • For-Profit Private Sector Applicants must be registered with the Department of Employment of Labour in terms of the regulations[1] related to the Employment Services Act No 4 of 2014.
  • Public Entities applying for funding are subject to all applicable eligibility criteria. In addition, the proposed initiative must be distinguished from other similar initiatives previously or currently being funded with public funds.
  • Must be in full compliance with administrative requirements (including Tax Compliance Status).
  • Must have audited Annual Financial Statements (AFS) covering at least 3 years.
  • Must have a track record of more than three years of technical experience in the area of interest.
  • Demonstrate the capacity to actively support the entry and retention of young people into the labour market by demonstrating one or all of the following: (1) the ability to meaningfully activate demand, (2) access young people (aged 18 to 35) and (3) the ability to appropriately match and pathway young people to equitably access opportunities.
  • The NPMN Innovation Fund will make funding available as follows:
  • The minimum grant request available per Applicant is R3 million;
  • The maximum grant request available per Applicant is R15 million;
  • Minimum Cash Matched funding requirements are as follows:
    • Government Institutions 1: 0.5
    • Non-Governmental Institutions and other NPOs 1: 0.5
    • Private Sector Applicants 1: 1

Interested entities are encouraged to visit the Jobs Fund website to access the full Innovation Fund Term Sheet for more information on the Presidential Youth Employment Intervention and the application process for the NPMN Innovation Fund.

Applicants may follow this link to access the application form:

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