Central University of Technology CUT Courses offered

Central University of Technology CUT has exceptional applied research and innovation projects. From the latest medical innovation prototyping to renewable energy.Here is the list of courses offered at CUT.



This page is the Prospectus of CUT.

CUT’s Grade 9 -12 subject choice guide for your chosen career (PDF)


CUT offers programmes in a wide field of interest

Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology

Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences

Faculty of Humanities

Faculty of Management Sciences


Postgraduate Programmes

  1. Advanced Diploma: Agricultural Extension
  2. Advanced Diploma: Agricultural Management
  3. Advanced Diploma: Applied Management
  4. Advanced Diploma: Computer Networking
  5. Advanced Diploma: Health Management
  6. Advanced Diploma: Hospitality Management
  7. Advanced Diploma: Human Resources Management
  8. Advanced Diploma: Human Resources Management
  9. Advanced Diploma: Information Technology
  10. Advanced Diploma: Language Practice
  11. Advanced Diploma: Logistics and Transportation Management
  12. Advanced Diploma: Marketing
  13. Advanced Diploma: Media Studies
  14. Advanced Diploma: Monitoring and Evaluation
  15. Advanced Diploma: Public Management
  16. Advanced Diploma: Therapeutic Services
  17. Advanced Diploma: Tourism Management
  18. Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)
  19. Postgraduate Diploma in Agricultural Management
  20. Postgraduate Diploma in Construction: Construction Management
  21. Postgraduate Diploma in Construction: Health and Safety Management
  22. Postgraduate Diploma in Construction: Quantity Surveying
  23. Postgraduate Diploma in Construction: Urban Development
  24. Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurial Management
  25. Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education (Teaching and Learning)
  26. Postgraduate Diploma in Hospitality Management
  27. Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resources Management
  28. Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology
  29. Postgraduate Diploma in Language Practice
  30. Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing
  31. Postgraduate Diploma in Media Studies
  32. Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management
  33. Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management
  34. Postgraduate Diploma in Tourism Management

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