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Apply to study Bachelor of Arts in Nursing Science at UNISA 2023.



Students must, with every registration for the BA (CUR)

submit their Annual Practising Certificate (issued by the South African Nursing Council (SANC) or Nursing Authority in the relevant country), indicating registration as a general nurse and a midwife. 

Students who are not registered as a midwife may only register for BA (CUR)-HHS.

Neither and enrolled nurse, nor an auxiliary nurse may register for this qualification. ENN103F has been replaced by ENG1503, students who have already passed ENN103F may not register ENG1503.


Registration guidance

  • Applicants may only register once they have received confirmation from Unisa that their application for admission has been accepted. Unisa reserves the right to not process and / or to cancel your registration if it is found that you were incorrectly admitted to a qualification. Admission to the alternative qualification is not automatic. It will depend on whether you comply with admission requirements and if space is available.
  • Re-registering students may register for the 2022 academic year once the registration period opens.

Please note: 
Should you wish to start a new qualification, please apply online for the alternative qualification during the prescribed application period.


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