Revine Technical College application for admission is open.Check the Revine Technical College application and registration procedure for 2023 academic years.



In respect of undergraduate qualifications, prospective students who have not previously been registered with the college for a formal qualification, as well as returning students who wish to change qualification or stream / specialisation, must apply for admission and receive confirmation of admission approved, for the qualification applied for, prior to registration.

Returning students who are not currently registered or who have applied for a stop out must apply for admission during the application period for the following academic season.

Application to study at the college for the selected qualification takes place during published periods prior to a registration cycle and the onus is on a student to ensure that he or she applies within the set dates.



To comply with the requirements for application, a student must (summarised):

  • Apply online or manually during the by published schedule periods.
  • Ensure that he or she complies with the admission requirements prescribed for the qualification for which he or she is applying.
  • Submit the required supporting documents during the application process.
  • Submit the non-refundable application fee (not applicable to returning students), together with the application form and other documentation.
  • An application is only complete when the college has received the application form; the relevant supporting documents required for the processing of the application; and the payment of the application fee (where relevant). Apply before the closing date set for the academic period in which he or she intends to register.


The onus is on the student to ensure that he or she meets the admission requirement(s) for his or her chosen qualification. The college will unilaterally de-register any student who does not comply with the prescribed admission requirement(s).


The following rules are highlighted:

  • A student must complete a registration form for each academic year, in terms of which he or she binds himself or herself to all the rules of the college.
  • The content of the registration form is the basis of the student’s contract with the college.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to inform the college in writing, using the prescribed college forms or online, of any change(s) to personal data contained on the registration form, notably, name change, address change, change in telephone numbers.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to submit his or her modules for registration through the prescribed registration modes before the closing date. The minimum prescribed fee for all modules submitted for registration must be submitted by the closing date for registration. No late registrations are accepted for any reason.
  • Student will not be allowed to advance to the next level if he or she has poorly performed in more than one module.

Cancellation of of registration:

  • Students who are admitted to an examination, but are unable to write, cannot request a cancellation of such a module. The records will reflect that the student had been absent from the examination concerned.
  • A student who voluntarily cancels his or her registration for a module for any reason whatsoever will forfeit either a part of or the entire fee paid, as prescribed in the fee payment schedule for this year.


The following rules are highlighted:

  • Student will not be admitted into final national examinations if he or she did not achieve a prescribed module ICASS percentage.
  • Student will not be admitted into final national examinations if he or she did not submit all periodical assessments.


A student who does not comply with the standards prescribed in the Admission Policy and Registration Policy will be excluded from further admission to the institution, unless the Head of Department of the college in which the student is registered, at his or her discretion, grants the student permission to re-register for a further period of study.

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